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Current exhibitions in Perugia: contemporary art, painting, sculpture, photography, design and archeology; times, periods, cost and purchase of tickets and exhibition venues.

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Exhibition Nero Perugino Burri Perugia Nero Perugino Burri - Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso - Corso Vannucci, 66 - Perugia

Exhibition from 22 June to 2 October 2023

At Palazzo Baldeschi an exhibition brings together the works of two of the greatest Umbrian artists through the common denominator of black.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 15.00 to 19.30. Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 19.30.
Tickets: full price €7, reduced price €4. Free for under 18s.
Phone: +39.075.5724563
E-mail: email:
Web: Fondazione CariPerugia Arte

Exhibition I disegni salvano il mondo Perugia I disegni salvano il mondo - Palazzo della Penna, Via Podiani 11 - Perugia

Exhibition running from 5 April to August 15th 2023

At Palazzo della Penna an exhibition that brings together four exhibitions dedicated to environmental problems curated by the Biblioteca delle Nuvole.

Exhibition Collezione Marabottini Maioliche Rinascimentali della Fondazione Crpg - Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso - Corso Vannucci, 66 - Perugia

Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition of one of the most prestigious Renaissance majolica collections in Italy.

Exhibition Collezione Marabottini Collezione Marabottini - Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso - Corso Vannucci, 66 - Perugia

Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition with works that belonged to the scholar and collector Alessandro Marabottini (1926-2012); there are more than 700 works of art by the Florentine scholar including paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, glass, ivories, miniatures, waxworks, furnishings and porcelain dating back to a period between the 16th and 20th centuries.

Exhibition Dottori e i Futuristi umbri Dottori e i Futuristi umbri - Palazzo della Penna, via Podiani 11 - Perugia

Permanent exhibition

On permanent display on the 1st floor of Palazzo Penna are drawings and paintings by Gerardo Dottori (1884-1977) together with works by his Umbrian futurist followers such as Leandra Angelucci Cominazzini, Alessandro Bruschetti, Enrico Cagianelli, Giuseppe Preziosi. Some representative paintings by Doctors are on display such as the Triptych of speed, City fire, Ascension forces, Self-portrait, Flora.

Exhibition VI Premio Fondazione VAF Luisa Spagnoli e il ciclo murale di Gerardo Dottori - Stabilimento Luisa Sagnoli, Strada Santa Lucia, 71 - Perugia

Permanent exhibition

In the Città dell'angora, a working citadel wanted by Mario Spagnoli in 1947, you can visit the permanent exhibition Luisa Spagnoli and the mural cycle by Gerardo Dottori, a futurist artist from Perugia, which was rediscovered by his great-granddaughter Nicoletta Spagnoli who decided to recover it through a restoration that led to the opening of the permanent exhibition.

Permanent exhibition Shakespeare in Italia Perugia Shakespeare in Italia - Palazzo Sorbello, Piazza Piccinino, 9 - Perugia

Permanent exhibition

A section dedicated to the great Bard opens at the House Museum of Palazzo Sorbello; on the occasion of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), it is proposed to reconstruct the alternating theatrical and critical fortune of his work in Italy. remain dedicated to gcon a path with "Book Game" for children and families.

Hours: see the official website.
Tickets: €4.00 per person (free for children under 12).
Phone: +39.075.5732775
Web: Palazzo Sorbello

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